Love Your River Wildlife Greater Manchester

by Mersey Rivers Trust in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Love Your River Wildlife Greater Manchester
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We would like to raise money to support a series of river clean up events to protect wildlife across the Rivers/Streams of Grtr Manchester

by Mersey Rivers Trust in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The more money we raise -- the more river events we can host -- and the better our environment becomes for wildlife

By reaching our "stretch target" of £20,000 we can employ a full time staff member to co-ordinate dozens of events across the region.

If we all pull together we can make our rivers cleaner and help wildlife thrive

The rivers that flow through Greater Manchester used to suffer terribly from pollution, and only  20 years ago were nearly biologically dead. Water quality has been much improved recently and our rivers are now home to amazing wildlife such as Kingfishers, Otters and Wild Brown Trout. 

Sadly - huge amounts of litter is found on our riverbanks, both historic and recent and we would like to raise funds to employ a staff member to organise regular river clean up events across Greater Manchester to make our river banks a better place for people and wildlife.

We would like to stop this litter and plastic being washed out to sea and prevent it from polluting our oceans. Nearly all litter on our river banks will eventually be washed downstream and end up in the Irish Sea... becoming gradually smaller over time resulting in even higher levels of micro-plastics entering into our environment. 

Working with local schools, community groups and volunteers, we intend to work downstream through Greater Manchester's rivers, removing as much litter as we go,,, also taking the opportunities to improve wildlife habitats as we go. 

Sometimes very small actions such as the re-introduction of appropriate water plants can have a massive positive impact on the ecology of our rivers. 

By removing rubbish, and replanting our rivers we can improve bio-diversity and strengthen the populations of existing species... its amazing what we can achieve during a volunteer event.

Let's make 'Love Your River Wildlife Greater Manchester' happen

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