20 Ways to Ensure Your Crowdfunding Campaign Succeeds

by Crowdfunder | May 30, 2024 | Learn

20 Ways to Ensure Your Crowdfunding Campaign Succeeds

Launching a successful crowdfunding campaign involves two key components: creating an engaging campaign page and effectively reaching your audience. Based on our experience with thousands of projects added everyday on Crowdfunder, here are some of the best tips and tricks to make sure both elements shine.

How to create an amazing crowdfunding page

  1. Keep it simple: Clearly state what you need, why you need it, the impact it will have, when it will happen, and who you are. Here’s our top tips on telling your story.

  2. Focus on the top: With 80% of donations coming from mobile users, concentrate on the title, the main image or video, and the first few lines of text to capture attention.

  3. Create urgency: Give people a compelling reason to donate now.

  4. Short timeline: Set a short initial timeline to ask for donations, we recommend 5-6 weeks; you can extend it if needed. Find out more about the crowdfunding journey from start to finish.

  5. Set a realistic target: Start with a modest goal and add a stretch target as you gain momentum. Read our blog on five things to consider when setting your target.

  6. Use good quality imagery: Include images, especially of the team or beneficiaries, to create a personal connection.

  7. Make a video: A video doesn’t need to be high-budget; it just needs to effectively communicate your message. Here’s how to nail creating your project video.

  8. Involve influencers or celebrities: Featuring a familiar face or someone with a large network can significantly boost credibility and interest and help you to reach new audiences. Need help on finding your crowd?

  9. Make it fun: Offer rewards or run a prize draw to engage potential donors. Here’s 55 reward ideas to get your imagination going.

  10. Seek feedback: Get input from team members and potential donors to ensure your campaign is clear and compelling.

Reaching Your Audience

  1. Have a pre-launch plan: Develop a plan with daily activities to maintain momentum.

  2. Use email networks: Email remains a highly effective way to reach potential donors. Utilise any opted-in marketing lists or personal contacts you have. Here are our nine email dos and don’ts.

  3. Leverage social media: Plan a series of posts about your project and its benefits. Celebrate milestones and publicly thank donors. Here’s our tips on using social media to promote your project.

  4. Secure early donations: Aim to reach 10-20% of your funding goal from close contacts before launching publicly.

  5. Partner with others: Collaborate with affiliated organisations, celebrities, influencers, or corporate partners to expand your reach.

  6. Engage the press: Wait until your project is partially funded before seeking media coverage to create a compelling story.

  7. Timing: Launch your project when you can maximise donations, avoiding periods when you’re busy or on holiday.

  8. Use QR Codes: If you have a physical space, display a sign with a QR code to direct people to your campaign. Find out how to generate a QR Code from your project page.

  9. Piggyback on other communications: Include messages about your campaign in other communications you send out. For example in a monthly newsletter, season programmes, or announce it at events.

  10. Gather more ideas: Ask your team and potential donors for additional ideas on reaching people effectively. Find out how to build your crowdfunding community.

By following these tips, you can create a compelling crowdfunding campaign that resonates with your audience and achieves your funding goals.
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