General Election 2024: Why support your local electoral candidates crowdfunding campaign?

by Crowdfunder | May 29, 2024 | Stories

General Election 2024: Why support your local electoral candidates crowdfunding campaign?

In the run up to the General Election on 4th July, here’s our top tips on how you could support your local candidate to help them on the election trail.

So far we have over 400 electoral candidates running live fundraising campaigns. You might be wondering why so many people are turning to Crowdfunder to support their bid to become an MP in this election. Well, here’s the inside story.

Campaigning costs a lot of money

Running to be elected as an MP isn’t cheap and very time consuming. Candidates have to do a lot to get noticed, they rely on  fundraising for themselves to afford to pay for advertising, flyers, public meetings, staffing costs, transport, accommodation, and administrative expenses. Each candidate has a fixed sum limit of £11,390 plus an allowance per registered voter in their constituency, that can often be into the tens of thousands. That’s a significant amount of money, and not every candidate has that kind of funding readily available.

Promoting democracy for all

Election campaigns should be all about ensuring that mainstream and more diverse voices can be highlighted and debated, it’s in the general public’s best interest to make our elections representative and fair. We know that candidates struggle financially, and that your support to their crowdfunder can help level the playing field.

More than just a vote

When you support your chosen party or candidate through crowdfunding, you’re giving them more than just your vote of confidence. Your donation will help them spread their message to a wider audience. This can be crucial in a competitive election where getting the word out can make all the difference. It also provides them with data on what the level of support is for their messages.

More than just a donation

Awareness is key in an election, so whether you’ve made a donation or not, sharing your favourite candidates’ campaigns is crucial. Every share on social media opens up 100s of new potential voters and contributors.

Playing your part

By backing a candidate on Crowdfunder, you’re not just supporting an individual you respect —you’re contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic political landscape.

Discovering the right candidate

Our political hubs provide a great resource. They not only allow you to support your chosen candidate but also to discover other candidates who are running. You might find additional candidates whose platforms resonate with you, giving you more options to support and engage with the democratic process. If your candidate is not running a fundraising campaign, then reach out for them to get going.

Check out our political fundraising hub or make a donation to your local candidate here >

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