‘It’s a game changer!” How crowdfunding has become the new way for candidates to access finance and support  

by Crowdfunder | Jun 11, 2024 | Press, Stories

‘It’s a game changer!” How crowdfunding has become the new way for candidates to access finance and support  

A fascinating new trend has emerged that is reshaping the way politicians raise funds for their 2024 General Election campaigns. 

In recent years, crowdfunding has emerged as a powerful tool for political candiates and activists to access the necessary financial support to run their campaigns. 

This year, the battleground for winning hearts and minds in the election has been revolutionized by online fundraising on Crowdfunder.

With over 500+ candidates currently raising money for their election fighting fund on Crowdfunder to win one of the UK’s 650 seats, the impact is undeniable. 

Already, this huge surge of candidates have collectively raised over £500k, and they are on track to surpass £1.5 million. This unprecedented level of funding demonstrates the immense potential of crowdfunding in democratizing the political landscape.

Jess Philips has smashed her target to raise £17k 
First time candidate Anna Gelderd raised her £5k target in 2 days

Notably, candidates from all parties, including the Greens, SNP, Labour, and Tories, are utilizing Crowdfunder to successfully raise funds. Some noteworthy examples include Jess Philips MP for Labour has raised over £27k, Carla Denyer in Bristol for the Greens has raised over £17k, Steve Knee for the Conservatives in Selby, and Anna Gelderd for South East Cornwall, who achieved her fundraising target in just two days. All would be available for interview.

Carla Denyer has raised £17k to help get a Green MP for Bristol

Phil Geraghty, co-founder of Crowdfunder, who perfectly encapsulates the significance of this crowdfunding revolution said: “It’s no surprise candidates are using Crowdfunder: at £11k+, it’s not cheap to run a campaign with minimal notice. It reaches and engages people that door knocking simply doesn’t and amplifies your message on online channels. It enables people to contribute to a more inclusive form of politics where all candidates have a chance of running. It widens democracy to all.”

There is still time for candidates to raise money for their electoral campaigns on Crowdfunder, or for individuals to support their local candidates through the platform.

To learn more about this crowdfunding revolution in electoral campaigns, visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/general-election

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