Leading tech-for-good platforms launch innovative new scheme for domestic abuse victims

by Crowdfunder | Jun 14, 2024 | News & Press

Leading tech-for-good platforms launch innovative new scheme for domestic abuse victims
  • Research by Warwick Business School in 2019 found domestic abuse instances rose by 47% whenever England won a tournament match
  • National Benevolent Charity fears 2024 Euros tournament will put even more women and children in danger
  • Tech-for-good platforms Crowdfunder, Cash Perks and Lightning Reach have launched a first-of-its-kind support solution for domestic abuse victims

As the England men’s football team prepares for their first game against Serbia in UEFA Euro 2024, many women in the UK will be dreading the result if they are to win. Here’s one statistic that nobody in England wants to hear:

“Instances of domestic abuse increase in the UK by 47% every time England wins a tournament match.”(1)

To help raise the awareness of domestic abuse across the UK, a collaboration between the National Benevolent Charity, Crowdfunder, Cash Perks and Lightning Reach, sees them launch their “Home is where the heart harm is” campaign this Sunday.

The innovative campaign allows donors to contribute and recipients to receive funds quickly, discreetly and directly. Pledges made through the Crowdfunder platform are transferred immediately to the National Benevolent Charity, enabling adults and children in need to access the funds at a nearby cashpoint within 24 hours.ª

This is made possible by the technological support of Lightning Reach, who enable individuals to find and apply for financial support based on their circumstances, and Cash Perks, who facilitate the transfer of donations into cash grants accessible via ATM machines. This fast assistance helps adults escape domestic abuse situations promptly or rebuild their lives once they are in a safe place.

This partnership will also match the first £5,000 in donations to the campaign, demonstrating support for the National Benevolent Charity’s aims and goals. In addition the BA Better World Community fund will also match these donations, meaning a £10 donation will be tripled to £30 for NBC.*

Donate to the crowdfunding campaign now

With 104 women killed in domestic abuse situations every year(2) and more than 75,000 people at high and imminent risk of being murdered or seriously injured(3), the situation is reaching a critical point. It’s also reported that 1 in 7 men also suffer as victims of domestic abuse(2). Now, people have the ability to change the lives of others immediately.

Ali Russell, Chief Executive at NBC, commented:

“Domestic abuse is an ugly truth in our society. It creates long term harms to women, children and families. Your donation to this campaign will enable us to make even more grants to women and have a direct impact on their ability to escape their tormentor and build a safer future. I am truly grateful to all our partners who have made this campaign possible”.

Simon Deverell, Co-CEO at Crowdfunder, says:

“The statistics are horrifying – 1 in 4 women in the UK and Wales will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. This shocking reality has become an epidemic. Often, a relatively small amount of money is all that’s needed as a catalyst to help someone escape an abusive relationship.

“I’m proud that we are part of a group of Tech For Good companies that have come together to pilot an initiative aimed at helping many women and children break free from domestic abuse. I believe this is something our Crowdfunder community will passionately support and react to.”

Ren Yi Hooi, Founder at Lightning Reach, says:

“People struggling with domestic abuse face tremendous barriers getting the help they need to stay safe and free. We are proud to be collaborating with this unique group of partners to tackle this massive problem, making it easy for individuals to access a wide range of tailored support through the Lightning Reach portal in order to rebuild their lives and future.”

Gareth Evans, Founder at Cash Perks commented:

“We know that when someone is trying to escape Domestic Violence, getting money directly to them can be especially difficult – often because they do not have a bank account that only they control. So we are proud to be part of this truly innovative partnership that will adopt our cash payment solution to send funds via SMS text message that can be instantly collected anytime from ATMs across the country without the need for a bank card.”

This is a new initiative aimed at swiftly providing financial support to victims of domestic violence through a small grant that will provide a chance to take steps to independence from their abusers.

This initiative is backed by the National Benevolent Charity and brings together three award-winning tech-for-good platforms for the first time. Crowdfunder is hosting the appeal to generate funds for grants. Lightning Reach is providing the application infrastructure to identify grant recipients. Cash Perks will utilise their emergency cash payment system, available through ATMs, to deliver funds to those who need it immediately. A first for “end to end” support for victims of abuse.


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ª All recipients of any cash grants will be required to go through a quick approval process before receipt of any money.

Other statistics

“Abuse and violence by partners increased by 47 per cent on the day England won a World Cup or European Championship match.”
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Published in Social Science and Medicine

“1 in 5 children have been exposed to domestic abuse within their home”
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“20% of children in the UK have lived with an adult perpetrating domestic abuse. That’s 1 in 5 kids.”

“104 women are killed every year because of domestic abuse”
National Centre for Domestic Violence (Charity)

“1 in 4 women in England and Wales will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime.”

“Every 30 seconds the police are called for help because of a domestic abuse situation
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“1 in 3 pregnant women experience DA.”
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