Projects on the crosshairs of society’s debates

by Crowdfunder | Apr 06, 2022 | Learn

Projects on the crosshairs of society’s debates

Legal challenges, the environment, equal rights, diversity and inclusion…

Our project owners are a passionate bunch – aiming to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges by making their ideas happen.

But sometimes the projects that matter most demand changes to society’s rules – and they challenge the status quo.

That’s why some of our biggest projects cause the biggest public debates: Not everyone agrees with the aims of a project, they object loudly – and a noise erupts across on and offline media – with both sides making strong arguments for their side of the debate.

At Crowdfunder projects that matter are supported by a community that cares and while we recognise that some projects may become the subject of public debate, if they’re lawful and compliant with our guidelines, the crowd will ultimately decide whether or not they receive funding.

If we receive a complaint about a project we consider the nature of the complaint carefully.

If we find that, based on the information we received, the project owner has not broken our terms & conditions and guidelines, the project may continue to raise funds on the site.

Sometimes we will also consult with the Fundraising Regulator, with whom we are registered or perhaps with our legal team to assess how the project meets our terms and conditions.

The final decision on whether a project can continue on our platform will be based wholly on how the project meets our terms and conditions, and our content guidelines, and is not a reflection of the merits or accuracy of the project nor does it constitute any recommendation, representation or endorsement by Crowdfunder.

We recognise that not every project is fortunate enough to receive unanimous backing, but for our project owners it’s important they have a platform on which they can share their story and ask the crowd for support.

It’s how ideas that might just change the world, might just happen.

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