Top Tips for Election Fundraising

by Crowdfunder | May 28, 2024 | Stories

Top Tips for Election Fundraising

Election time is here and it’s taking off on Crowdfunder as the platform is alight with 100’s of candidates from across the political spectrum looking for fast and effective fundraising opportunities to support their campaign. So let’s take a look through what it takes to run your election crowdfunding campaign:

1. Project Title

Try and include your name, constituency, and party in the project title. Since 80% of donations will come from mobile phones, you want people to understand who you are at a glance, plus anyone searching for you online will see your campaign in their search results.

2. Images and Video

Ensure the images and video feature yourself, after all that’s who they will be voting for. It’s not essential, but we know that video is much better for getting your message across. Videos don’t need to be polished adverts, often the best ones are recorded just on your phones. Read our top tips on nailing your project video.

Watch Emily’s video here

3. Party Images

Try and include party logos so people can recognise your party at a glance. Give people the confidence they are in the right place to donate.

4. Drawing Down Money

We can always provide you with the money raised as you go along, thanks to our “draw down” options. You can draw down funds early by emailing your request to [email protected], meaning you can keep your project open for more donations.  

5. Extending your Campaign

Did you know you can change your project length during a campaign or even switch your project to ‘Always on’ as your campaign end date arrives. Try to run your project as close to the election as possible. It’s all available in your dashboard.

6. Target Amounts:

Try and tell people what the money will be spent on and the impact of their donations. People give more when they know where the money will be spent rather than a generic pot. E.g. This will help us create 10,000 leaflets etc…

7. Email

Email is one of the most effective ways to connect with donors. If you have any opted-in lists, ensure you email them about your campaign, with two asks. 

1) Can they donate or 2) can they share your message. 

As some people may not be in a position to help financially, but can become effective sharers of your campaign. Also, a top tip is to add a link to your email footer for the duration of the campaign. Also, don’t forget you can message everyone that pledges on your campaign directly through our platform with project updates to keep them in the loop.

8. Leaflets

If you are distributing any leaflets, include a link or a QR code of your project on the leaflets. Once your project is live, you can create QR codes and tracking links from your project dashboard to show you where the donations are coming from.

All the best with the upcoming election, hopefully these tips will keep you the extra edge in fundraising for your campaign. If you need any support with elections campaigns or any other project you are involved with contact [email protected] or use our chat bot to get started.

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